Saturday 2nd July 2022

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8 tips om succesvol en veilig te beleggen

8 tips om succesvol en veilig te beleggen Beleggen brengt altijd risico’s met zich mee. 100% veilig beleggen bestaat dus niet. Toch zijn er een aantal strategieën om de kans op verlies zoveel mogelijk te beperken. De onverwachte wending di

Innovative Ways To Enhance Your Video Editing Speed

Optimize your video editing speed. We have 10 ways to optimize your time in the editing suite. To be quite honest, I am a person who prefers the challenges of the set to the challenges of the sewing room. I'm primarily a director, so I'm built lik

Corporate Videos That Get Things It Right

Some companies have managed to push the form to a higher level, which has led to better brand engagement. In rare matter, the videos even led to the biggest dream of all corporate marketing executives: to go famous. Here are six examples of corporate

Things To Keep In Mind While Editing Corporate Videos

Make your business videos more engaging with these 5 tips. Editing corporate videos is not an easy task; it can be difficult to reconcile professional information with entertaining content. However, if done correctly, corporate videos can be an in

Stunning Music Videos Inspiration From VFX

Get inspired by these awesome music videos with visual effects of Last Year. It was a great year for animated graphics in music videos. Here are some of our favorite music videos from the internet. Coldplay: Up and Up Realization: Vania Heyman

The Perfect Laptop For Video Editing

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect portable video editing laptop. Although a desktop computer is ideal for video editing, it's not always convenient to take your giant desktop computer with you, especially if you're a f

Some Tips To Enhance Your Corporate Videos

Do the elements of your corporate videos work in perfect Synergy? Otherwise, use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of your video! No one said that corporate videos must be boring. If you spend only 20% more time improving your video, you wi

Start Creating And Playing Looping Video Backgrounds

Just create a loop video background in an NLE of your choice and learn how to play loop videos in QuickTime, VLC and YouTube. Image above via Shutterstock. It's only a matter of time before a customer asks you to create a video that can be loop

Making Video 360 In After Effects

Video 360 is one of the hottest trends in the media, and it has become easier to create your own virtual content than you might think. Let's see how this happens with mettle's Skybox Studio plugin for After Effects. The video 360 is exploding in pop

A Perfect Guide To Stitch 360 Videos

The most intimidating factor for people who are new to 360 ° videos is " how to put all the images together?"Only the term "sewing" seems laborious. Fortunately for us, this is not the matter at all. Sewing software has come a long way in just a few

Latest Canon XF605 Camcorder Announced

Canon has launched a new professional camcorder. The Canon Xf605 offers 10-bit 4K 4:2: 2 image capture combined with 15X optical zoom, complete With IS. It looks like this could be the next workhorse for Solo shooters working in a broadcast environme